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Dreaming of Lin

So I had a really weird dream last night…

I was walking around NYU and there was this really loud cheering sound and everyone started rushing somewhere. Apparently everyone went to the gym because the Knicks were practicing there and Jeremy Lin was there. So apparently I felt excited too and I was able to sneak in through the window (because the doors was packed) and got to see them stretching and getting ready to play. I remember an Asian face in my dream - I think it actually looked pretty similar to the real Jeremy Lin and then I woke up. End of dream.

Not only was the content weird, but the circumstances were weird too. So I have never bothered to look up what Jeremy Lin looked like in real life and I’ve never seen him play (never bothered to look at highlights and don’t have a TV). I don’t think I have seen my facebook feed so concentrated on one topic as now about Jeremy Lin. Anyone got some spare money to buy me a ticket to go see the Knicks?

It’s Linsanity all over the city.

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And I missed SNSD AGAIN

UGH so i was coming back from small group near Stern today and I saw this massive group of people waiting on the street on 13th between broadway and 4th. I walked closer and nearly lost my breath - it was the SNSD tourbus:

So I didn’t get a chance to take a picture because the only thing i had with me was my crappy cellphone and it does not take good pictures in the dark. So I wait around for about 10-15 minutes and then the girls actually come out and walk into the tour bus! I got to see Taeyeon and Hyoyeon and the back of Sooyoung I think. Taeyeon and Hyoyeon both came to the front of the bus because they wanted to take pictures of us standing outside of the bus screaming and waving our hands. It was my first encounter with celebs and it happened to be SNSD.

If I was more of a fan I would have visited their page and realized that they were doing autographs starting at 7pm at the Best Buy that is like 2 minutes away from my dorm. Apparently someone was handing out posters and stuff too but since I was in the back of Best Buy I didn’t get any *sad face* - oh well here’s hoping that they get big in the U.S. and come back to NYC.

Please if you guys follow kpop let me know when bands come to NYC because I don’t know how to build in alerts for myself. 2 chances of getting to see SNSD and maybe take pictures, both missed - FML.

PLEASE COME TO NYC RUNNING MAN (notify me before you’re here please)

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Xiao Yu Hallyu 한류

So over the winter break as a way to relax and not stay stressed about interviews I picked up a few shows… I have no idea how I started, but once I started watching Running Man, it was a snowball effect and before you know it I had already finished all these shows:

Running Man 런닝맨

Invincible Youth 청춘불패

Family Outing 패밀리가 떴다

Heroes 영웅호걸

Secret Garden 시크릿 가든

Greatest Love 최고의 사랑

City Hunter 시티헌터

Now I wish I knew how to speak Korean… sigh. Any other suggestions? =)

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Xiao at Sho

It’s restaurant week/month in NYC! My friend told me about this restaurant called Sho and said that I had to go because I am Xiao. So we went today:

Ok I don’t know how to get tumblr to accept portrait style pictures, anyways you get the point.

For appetizer I got the Potato and Leek Espuma, which tasted like a stick of butter and cream. It was good, but a bit too thick after a couple of bites.

Main course is the flounder, very heavy citrus taste, but pretty refreshing. The carrot puree was surprisingly good, and that’s coming from someone that does not like carrots at all.

And for dessert, sticky toffee sponge. A lot of ginger with rum. First couple bites were really good but then the ginger kind of overpowered the taste and got too dry/sweet for me.

My friend got the lemon meringue which was surprisingly good, but as you can tell from the picture, extremely small.

Food coma is setting in…

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Back from the dead

Happy New Years! 新年快乐!

Wow the most stressful semester of my life is finally over and I’ve just been taking the last couple of days to really unwind. Let me give you guys a quick recap of what’s been happening since last post in Thanksgiving:

Early December:
So remember how I was writing about the investment banking recruiting process a couple of posts ago? Yeah it doesn’t stop. So in December that’s when the banks do their last round of “closed list” events - basically another opportunity for them to see who they like so they can get down to their final list of people to interview. Everyday everyone is kind of on pins and needles because the banks are sending out invitations and some have already released interview schedules. I think I got everything that I expected to get. At this time, you pretty much have a good idea of if the bank wants to interview you or not after surviving a corporate presentation, lunch and learn, 2-3 closed list events.

Mid December:
Finals… yeah definitely did not miss these! Worst thing is that banks are still holding their events during the week prior and week of finals. Finally the semester wraps up and everyone enjoys a couple days of relaxation (with some bank visits sprinkled here and there)

Late December:
I didn’t go back to Texas because my parents are in China, so I just stayed in the dorm. I caught up on sleep and spent most of my time watching Running Man (A Korean variety show) to unwind and relax. Add a few hours here and there to study for interviews which are Jan 9/10.

Early January:
It’s cram time for interviews, get together with your friends to mock interview each other. Start getting really nervous the night before interviews and finally the day comes:

Monday, January 9th:
I had 6 interviews (30 minutes in length) on this day starting from 9am and ending around 5pm, some people had 10+ interviews. That evening you start receiving calls from some of the banks you have made to final rounds. I get 1 call to come back. Go home, write thank you letters (again) to all the bankers that interviewed you. Unwind a little bit, and sleep for another day of interviews.

Tuesday, January 10th:
I have 2 interviews on this day, pretty relaxing but I bomb one of the interviews - actually I think I bombed both of the interviews on this day haha. I get a call back to final round from a bank I interviewed with on the 9th that I had already given up hope on.

Thursday, January 12th:
Two final round interviews, one is from 10-11am the other is from 12-4:30pm, yes you heard right - 4 and a half hours. 90 minutes are for lunch and there’s about 3 hours of interviews (aka ‘Super Day’). I get a call that evening that I’ve been rejected from a bank (*tear).

Friday, January 13th:
In the morning I get a call from the other bank I had final rounds with - another rejection. At this point, I started freaking out because I don’t have any more final round interviews and start thinking about what I’m going to do if I don’t get a summer internship. I go to school again and do my other interview, I get a call back for final round next week so that puts me in a better mood.

Tuesday, January 17th:
Another first round interview, didn’t think I did too hot - but got the email to go back for final round on the next day (wow short notice!).

Wednesday, January 18th:
Do my final round interview and receive a call that evening with an offer for summer internship! After I receive the call and hang up coolly, I start screaming in my dorm out of excitement (good thing my roommate was not in or else it might have terrified him).

Friday, January 20th:
Finish my other final round that takes 4 hours again and get the rejection call.

To sum it up:

20+ banks (corporate presentations, networking, etc.)
90 business cards gathered (probably more like 100+)
100+ thank you emails written
10 investment banking first round interviews
4 final round interviews
1 offer for the summer

This has been one of the most frustrating and stressful recruiting process I have ever experienced (I guess everything else in the past has been pretty straightforward for me). This has been a tough year for investment banking recruiting and I’m curious to see how the industry will fare going forward. I’m in the process of finalizing the offer and accepting it, and for that I’m very thankful. With this out of the way, I can finally begin to try and enjoy my MBA experience as well as NYC. I’ll get a semester to enjoy and then the summer to be a slave and then hopefully a year to enjoy after getting an offer to go back for full-time after the summer.

I apologize to my readers for not being diligent about updating, but it really has been stressful and busy for me this past semester. I have a week before classes start and I’ll hopefully get a chance to catch up with those that I haven’t had a chance to talk with. Please feel free to give me a call and/or skype me - I would love to catch up with you. 

I’m going to start and try to settle down with a church and small group, I haven’t done a good job at all this first semester and I’m just thankful that the Lord still graced me with an opportunity to pursue the finance field given the economy. I hope I will find individuals here that I can build community with and keep me accountable. I’m really excited about the Believers in Business conference that will be in New York from Feb 3-4. It’s a great way to hear from those that have succeeded as businessmen to see how their faith impacted their career path, it’s also a great way to build a network of individuals outside of our school as this conference is for all MBA programs and most of those coming are of the top MBA programs.

Again, sorry for not keeping you guys up to date in the past - I will try better next semester =) You can blame these guys:

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